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Friday, 27 June 2014


Hello and TGIF!!

Most of you know Stella of Stella's Addiction the beauty blog and makeup artist! But do you know Stella's Addiction the Makeup Store?

I recently popped in to the Store/Studio to buy some Bdellium Tools brushes as I've been eyeing them for quite some time. I also picked up a little something extra from E.L.F.

I really believe that  the quality of your tools really plays a major role in a flawless makeup application. And the art of blending depends on a really good blending brush.

What are qualities of a good blending brush? Well it depends on the section of the eye you are working on, but 2 things must be present soft bristles and minimal shedding. If you want a brush that will blend out any harsh lines and also transition colours smoothly into one another, you will need a nice fluffy blush with soft bristles and these vary in size dependant on the area you are blending. If you want to create a cut crease and also blend out the harsh lines in that area, a small dense brush is what you will need.

Bdellium Tools '776 Blending' Brush - N1,700
I've got a couple blending brushes from MAC, Sigma, ELF and Cala, but I've been meaning to try a particular blending brush from Bdellium, the 776 blending brush.

I like that the bristles are slightly smaller than my other blending brushes and this gives me a little more control when placing colours. It's also very soft and not scratchy at all. I've used it a few times since I've got it and it's been pure love! Really recommend this one.

Bdellium Tools '781 Crease' Brush - N2000
Now I only planned to pick up one brush, but this little gem caught my eye. I've been after a small dense brush for placing dark colours just in the outer corner of my eye and a little in the crease. And also to just blend out that area. Also when I do a cut-crease look I like the edges around it to be blended out, just because it looks a lot nicer, to me.

See how the bristles are so densely packed, which means the brush hasn't got as much movement as it's blending counterpart, but that's what makes it work! It's stiff enough to pack on the colour, but has just the right amount of movement to blend it through at the same time. Really happy I picked this up too

E.L.F 'Concealer Brush' - N700
Now i don't know how many of you know that with ELF there are two collections when it comes to their tools, the ELF Essentials and ELF Studio. Now the Studio line prices are slightly higher than the Essential and this translates into the quality. Most people are not even aware of the difference but the Studio line tools are usually black, while the Essential line are white, just like in the picture above. I shop from both lines really, it just depends on what I am getting. I typically prefer the face brushes from the Studio line and a few of the eye brushes from the Essential line.

I prefer to apply my cream-based eye products with a synthetic brush and this concealer brush works really well! I use it to apply my MAC paintpoint to my lid, or my NYX jumbo pencils, any thick/cream product really. This purchase wasn't planned either, just saw it on the shelf and grabbed it.

One thing I really love about Stella's Addiction are the prices! I did a comparison and these items I bought are a lot cheaper than what most beauty-retailers out here are selling them for. I love a good bargain!

Where to Buy:
Stella's Addiction - In-store and Online
Address: 5 Wole Ariyo Street, Off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1.
Online: Stella's Addiction Online

What's your favourite brush?


Ez xxX



  1. I love the elf concealer brush.......i use it to blend concealer when lining my brows. it works well.
    Great finds Ez.
    The Beautiful Eagle

  2. Great post! I find that ELF does some pretty decent brushes for reasonable prices...the Eye Blending Brush and the Eye Crease Brush are two of my current faves. xo

  3. Woop! Thanks for stopping by hun. It was a pleasure having you ;-)

  4. Really appreciate u for ur creativity Aunt Stella, keep it up 😊


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