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Friday, 16 May 2014

FIRST LOOK | MY MAKEUP COSMETICS - Lip Candy & Discount Code

Hey Everyone!

Feels like it's been ages since I blogged, sheesh! Hope everyone's been well :). Another 'first look' post for you lovelies and I am so excited about this one and you'll see why in a little bit.

My Makeup isn't a stranger on BiL and my love for this online store isn't a secret and it appears they love me too because they have just gone and named a lipstick after yours truly! :D. So this is kind of old gist, because I have posted this on my instagram page (you really should follow me: @BeautyInLagos), but I did not mention the other shades I received and I wanted to do that in this post.

My Makeup Lip Candy - N1,500* each
A few months ago they launched their 'Lip Candy' collection with a total of 13 shades (for now), and you cannot imagine my face when they told me there was a 'Beauty In Lagos' shade in there.

My Makeup Lip Candy L-R: 'Beauty In Lagos', 'Shakara', 'Lekki Babe'
The name 'Lip Candy' is right as these colours in particular remind me of just that and all three shades are very-pigmented.


My Makeup Lip Candy in 'Shakara'
I absolutely LOVE this colour. It's a bright coral, very punchy, very playful. I can just imagine this worn against a very flawless base, bare eyes, with just a liner and full lashes. And like I said these lip colours are very pigmented!

My Makeup Lip Candy in 'Lekki Babe'
This shade is just so interesting and mysterious it's a bright lilac shade with blue undertones. I kept looking at myself in the mirror whilst swatching this one. And one minute I'm like 'yeah I can rock this' and then the next I'm thinking 'Oh My God I can't pull this off'. This colour is absolutely wearable in my opinion, but I think it takes a certain type of 'personality' to pull this off. I'd really love to rock this one day!

My Makeup Lip Candy in 'Beauty In Lagos'
And finally... TA-DA! The 'Beauty In Lagos' Lip Candy by My Makeup.

Although it's been months since they launched I am still not over the fact that I have got a lipstick named after me. Any fellow makeup obsessed person will understand how INSANE that is. And I know I have thanked them a million times and even asked them 'why????'. But I really want to say another Thank You to them and I am really really flattered by this unexpected gesture :D.
And they know me so well, it HAD to be pink ;)

Also as a little treat for you my lovely lovely readers I have got a discount code that you can redeem when you shop on the mymakeup site! At the checkout enter code 'bil4' to receive 15% off your entire purchase.

It'll also be great if you had the 'Beauty In Lagos' Lip Candy in your basket ;)


Enjoy your weekend my lovelies!


Ez xxX


  1. Lovely swatches, lovely colours! Very pigmented

  2. The swatches are cooooool. Like they know you too well they gave the pure pink BiL. I have my eyes on lekki babe. Not a fan of pure pink

  3. Lovely lip colors. Love the Shakara.

  4. They are so pigmented and seem to be matte. Love it!

  5. Love the swatches just thought to let you know you put 'Lekki Babe' instead of 'Lagos Babe' in your captions. Got a bit confused when I saw the colour of Lekki babe lol


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