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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

FIRST LOOK | SLEEK MAKEUP - S.Studio Flash 'A' Pout LipStains

Hi Everyone

So today's post is a first look and impression about some new products that Sleek Makeup Nigeria's 'S.Studio' recently launched.

Sleek Studio is the brand/holding company marketing Sleek makeup and Sleek hair in Nigeria and has now developed the S.Studio brand as well. S.Studio products can be found only in Nigeria for now.

S.Studio 'Flash 'a' Pout' LipStains

S.Studio recently released some lip products called 'Flash 'a' Pout' lipstains*. They describe them as long lasting  ultra matte finish lip stain with LED light and mirror for perfect application even in the dark  

L-R 'Revolution', 'Siren', 'Naivety',  'Duke', 'Coined', 'Forbidden'
They did get that right, these babies are super SUPER matte! And my regular readers know that lip products with a matte finish are not my cup of tea. They released 6 matte shades, which are named in the caption above.

Like I mentioned these lipstains are SUPER matte. My preference in finishes when it comes to lip-products goes from the least liked being 'matte, then 'satin' and my favourite being 'creme' (in MAC-speak). Anyway these are matte and quite drying. But if this finish is the sort you like, then I assume you'd love it.

Now first thing you want to do before you apply this is to make sure your lips are exfoliated and then moisturise them. You HAVE to apply some lip conditioner/balm before going in with these, or else you'll have difficulty blending this in as you work. Speaking of blending, you'll need to work super-fast with these as they dry in seconds! I suggest working on one of your lips and finishing, before you move to the other, because once this dries, going over it a second time isn't really a good idea. Also when applying, you should do so in one direction at a time. You know when you apply your lipstick/gloss and you go from left to right, back and forth. I'll suggest you work the brush across your lips in one direction using short strokes. Take your time when applying and make sure your mirror is close enough.

These things do not budge! Taking these pictures for the swatches below, I had to learn the hard way. NOTHING could get this off, except my trusty babywipes & baby oil combo. And even with this, I had to let the babyoil settle a bit on my lips, before I went in with the wipes. I haven't worn these a full day yet, but from wearing them for these swatches, I can only imagine the staying power will be excellent.

Sounds like a lot of work huh? But if you want the finish I've got in the pictures below, you really will have to take your time with these or risk looking like you fell asleep with your lipstick on.




This is a gorgeous shade, but a bit of a nightmare to apply. It's quite difficult to get an even finish with this, but this is usually typical with very dark-coloured lip products. You will have to work quickly and at the same time be precise with your application. Clearly, from my swatches, I struggled some trying to get this to look even and non-patchy.


This is my favourite in terms of it's application and finish. Just like the others you equally have to work quite fast with this but I find it slightly creamier, on application, than the rest which makes it a lot easier to spread and attain the coverage I want. It is also a very curious shade, like a dark burnt-orange. Never had any lip product this shade. At first I was stuck on what look will go with this, but after a while I got a flood of inspiration. Can't wait to try a couple looks out with this, I'll be sure to share!


This is my second favourite shade. And I don't think I need to explain further, it's PINK!! :D. And also applies similar to Forbidden, but a smidge less creamy.

I will update this post with 'Revolution's' swatch soon

Remember in the description I typed above provided by S.Studio, these have an in-built LED light which can be switched on and off with a button embedded in the cap.

How pretty do they look lit up? These retail for N1,600 and can be purchased all over Nigeria from the following outlets I have provided below.

Sleek Studio Retailers

Sleek Studio 
64b Anifowoshe Off Adeola Odeku VI 

Sleek Studio Apapa 
12 Calcutta Crescent Apapa 

Sleek Studio Ikeja 
No 2 Oriyomi Street, Ikeja before Ipodo Market,Opp 'Under Bridge'

Sleek Studio Abuja 
D201 Bloomsbury Plaza 1245 Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent wuse 2 

Sleek Studio Kaduna 
No 2,Kinkino Road Off Akali Road Kaduna North

Sleek Studio Ibadan 
Block G, Shop 7 and 8 Joke Plaza ,Opp Acess Bank Bodija Ibadan.

Sleek studio Abakiliki 
NO 6 Afikpo Street, Abakaliki. Close to Vanco Round Junction Ebonyi State

So tell me, which shade's your favourite?


Ez xxX


  1. According to order of most loved: Pink, Coined, Duke and the other one before Pink:)
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

    1. Sorry, that was my mistake, I forgot to add in the names in the caption. So that's Pink - Naivety and the one before is Forbidden!
      Yay! A fellow 'pink-lover'! xx

  2. Firstly, thanks for clarifying this S.Studio business. I've worn Sleek makeup for years, and was extremely suspicious when I moved back and saw S.Studio being touted as Sleek. I get it now.

    On to the good stuff. I'm a matte lover, and still cannot get over how amazing Forbidden is! I love it so much I wear it indoors sometimes, just because. Might need to get a few more tubes as back up, because it seems to be a general favorite among reviewers.

    Duke is an interesting one. I wear it very lightly over liner, so it stains my lips to a berry shade. I didn't bother picking up the rest, so it's nice to see them swatched.

    1. You're welcome, I also needed some clarification myself :). I did feel like 'Duke' would work better with some liner, especially to neaten round the edges. Thanks for confirming that! xx

  3. Lovely review!!!!

    My best is Forbidden!

    I had the same experience with duke!

    1. Thank you my lovely BiL Directory Vendor! ;)

      Yeah, 'Duke' is a bit of a tricky one.

  4. Nice one sleek, looks like they are real value for that price. I'm so going to get naivety and siren.

  5. I absolutely heart forbidden. Good job Ez! Please visit my blog Im a new beauty blogger. Thanks.!

  6. Thanks for the review.... I checked the sleekmakeup 'website' but didn't find the lipstains.. Is it just available in Nigeria.

  7. Do Sleek have any online retailers selling these?

    1. There is an online retailer selling these:

  8. I LOVE Duke! Could I order it somewhere?

  9. pls m desperately in need of those lip stains. where do I get them. I cant even find then online. Can someone assist me please???

  10. pls m desperately in need of those lipstains. cant find them online. can someone assist me on where to get them pls???


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