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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

FIRST LOOK | BH COSMETICS - 'BH Day & Night' Palette

Hello there!

I have decided that, rather than keep you guys waiting for weeks (sometime even months) for a review, I'll give you a 'First Look' post and then maybe follow-up a few weeks down the line with a full review. But the most important thing for me is to share, and with 'First Look' posts it's not like I won't say anything at all on how I feel about the product, I'm saying it just wont be as in-depth, seeing as I haven't actually tried out said product long enough to provide such a review. So clarifications out the way, let's get into this post!

To kick this off I've just got a quick post to share something I recently bought from My Makeup online store

BH Cosmetics 'BH Day & Night' 60 Color Eyeshadow Palette - N4000

I have been meaning to try something from this brand for a while. Initially My Makeup only had the 'Take Me To Brazil' palette available, but I just couldn't see myself wearing a lot the colours in there. So although I really wanted to get a BH Cosmetics palette, I also needed to get one I'd actually use and get my money's worth out of.

Once I saw this palette available on their site, I did some quick check on a few beauty-blogs that had reviewed it and I was sold. Yeah and that's a little tip for you guys, if you see a product you like and you're toying with the idea 'to buy or not to buy', just google and read through a few reviews. My favourite blog to check is She's almost literally reviewed every covetable makeup product there is!

This palette holds 60 shades and it's split down the middle, with 30 shades geared towards day-time looks and the the other half for night-time looks, hence the name of the palette.

excuse the mess

These colours are on the 'day' section of the palette. It's a a very wearable selection of nudes, pastels and a few bright colours, in a range of matte, frost and metallic finishes.

This is the 'Night' section of the palette. Most of the shadows on this side are frost and metallic finishes. With a lot of vibrant jewel tones, golds, bronze and silvers, as well as a few darker shades to create those smokey-eyes we love to rock on a night-out.

I am really pleased with this palette, the shadows I have tried so far are smooth, the frost-finish shadows are equally as smooth. The pigmentation varies though. I find some shades offer a lot more colour pay-off than others, especially the shadows on the 'Day' side. But because of the texture of these shadows they are easily buildable. Just remember to 'pat' the eyeshadow unto your eye, as opposed to 'swiping'. This gets more product on your lid.  But the pigmentation issue affects less than 20% of the colours in this palette, so it's not really anything to put you off.

So there's my first 'First Look' post on the blog, hope you liked it and I am getting into these rather large palettes. I'm thinking of getting the BH Blush palette next! I am on a roll :D

Any other BH Cosmetics palettes you'd recommend?


Ez xxX


  1. U shld also try der eyes on d 60's is also nice...if u stay in Abuja u can get all BH eyeshadow(120,88,60,40) colours from me and oda BH and Milani products(08147135195)

  2. BH party Girl cosmetics Palette... i enjoy that a lot too

  3. I love the new ForeverNude palette! :)

  4. I nominated you for a Liebster. I know you've won before one before, i would like you to answer my questions. Thanks.

  5. love, love your blog please what brush would you recommend to apply eye shadow

  6. I know this is soooo late, but I recommend their concealer pallet. Its amazing! It has a range of shades, it creamy so application is easy and its perfect for highlighting and contouring.


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