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Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Hello Everyone!

This is a post I have been so excited to draft for months now! I have mentioned this on my other social media platforms over the past couple months or so.

Ok let me go down memory lane some.... So the main reason I started this blog was because I kept getting asked by friends and family, and friend's of friends and family (lol) , about where to get their hair done, or their brows threaded or where to buy a particular product. So I started this lil 'ol blog to share my Lagos beauty discoveries and let everyone in on what I felt about different beauty services too. I initially just wanted to start an online directory right off the bat, but I felt I needed to garner some 'trust' from people before they could take my recommendations. I have been blogging for 2 years now and I really feel now is the time for me to bring all my discoveries under one umbrella, The BeautyInLagos Directory!

First thing's first, all the images I have provided of the site are just for aesthetics, the images and content will most definitely change. But the layout, theme and colour-scheme are accurate.

So this post is mainly for potential vendors and it also involves you readers too, so everyone can get a feel of what to expect

What is The BiL Directory
I have designed it to be a PREMIUM online beauty and lifestyle directory, emphasis on the 'premium', This simply means that every vendor will pay to be listed on the directory and thereafter there will be an annual renewal fee. The registration & renewal fees are dependent on what BiL-Vendor class the potential business will be listed under (I will explain further below). For example the annual renewal fee ranges from N5,250 - N7,500 depending on your vendor-class.

The BiL Directory Vendor Classes
I still want the directory to have a personal 'feel' to it. I want customers searching for businesses to know that every single vendor can be trusted because they have all been specially hand-picked by me. I know I can't get round to trying out every salon, or makeup artist or spa in Lagos, let alone Nigeria. So I came up with 3 Vendor Classes: The BiL-Certified Vendor, The BiL-Approved Vendor and The BiL-Recommended Vendor.

BiL-Certified Vendor

BiL-Certified Vendor simply means that I have tried and tested this vendor personally and I am giving you my word that you will not regret contacting any of them for your needs. Registration and renewal fees are heavily discounted for such vendors. Certified vendors can easily be spotted on the site because they will have a BiL-Certified stamp displayed on their page.

BiL-Approved Vendor

BiL-Approved Vendor simply means that I have personally got feedback on your exceptional service and can vouch that you are a trusted vendor. It is impossible for me to try out all businesses in the beauty and lifestyle industries and this is the reason I introduced this category. My directory is based on my recommendations, and I see no reason why I can't also take recommendations from people, who just like me, know a good service when they experience one. Registration and renewal fees are also discounted for vendors under this class.

BiL-Recommended Vendor

BiL-Recommended Vendors can equally be trusted. The BiL directory will only list vendors that meet all the  necessary criteria. The decision is solely at my discretion and only the very best can be listed on the Directory. I am all about quality over quantity, and I can guarantee you that there are a LOT of exceptional businesses out here. Vendors under this class enjoy discounted advertising rates and during this time the registration and renewal rates are slashed because it's the launch.

I also introduced a 'Fixed Renewal-Fee Policy'. The fixed renewal-fee policy simply means that the renewal fee you pay the first year, will be the exact same amount you will continue to pay annually, regardless of any review on the pricing. So what you pay will never increase as long as you continue to renew annually.

Vendor Pages
I have created each vendor page to be just like a 'facebook' page for each business, as you can see in the screenshots above. The information provided will be very detailed with profile names, addresses, a contact form, details of services provided, etc. And any additional information the vendor might want to add can be provided in the 'FAQ' section on their page.

Customers can be guaranteed that all vendor contact information is accurate and up-to-date at all times. It's so frustrating with a lot of online directories out here where the phone numbers don't work, or the address is incomplete. This is due to the fact that these directories throw open the door for anybody to add a business, whether said business is theirs or not. The BiL directory information is added an updated solely by the vendor.

Who can be listed - Vendor Categories
Like I said it covers every single business in the Beauty and Lifestyle industries. It can be a one-man business available for home service only, to full-blown multi-staffed establishments. I want everyone to have access to potential customers. There is so much talent out there, but not enough avenues to connect them to the business. So vendors will include:
  • Hair Salons
  • Spas
  • Nail Salons
  • Beauty Stores
  • Hair Care stores/retailers
  • Hair Retailers - Virgin hair Remy hair, Human hair, etc.
  • Makeup Artists
  • Bridal Solutions
  • Event Coordinators
  • Home Service Beauty Solutions
  • Skin Care Experts
  • Makeup Retailers - Indigenous & International
  • Beauty Supply Stores
  • Skin Care stores/retailers

Potential vendors should please send an email to stating  the name of the business, service(s) provided & location, along with a link to a social media page that displays their work (instagram, blog etc.) or email pictures of your work or space, and we will respond with a Vendor class along with a special introductory package which explains pricing.

Initially the plan was to launch last month, January, but that CLEARLY didn't happen. So I plan for the site to go live in March. Everything's in place we are just still rounding up more businesses to be listed. The address for the directory is or, either one depending on how lazy you feel lol

I am really hoping that over time all the businesses I have interacted with will be listed under the BiL-Certified vendor class and I will be able to discover more businesses. I truly want The BiL directory to be the first thing that everyone clicks on when looking for anything relating to beauty in general! 

I will still be blogging, nothing at all is going to change round here!


Ez xxX


  1. Finally. I'm really inspired. And very proud of you because you are creating a legacy for yourself and I know I will do the same. I pray that this surpasses all your expectations or imaginations. Watching this space :)

  2. Hi Ez, not sure if this d appropriate medium to use for this question I've but anyway here goes & I really hope U can help.
    I've these dark spots on my bikini line from shaving/bumps & I was hoping U could refer any product I could use to get rid of them!
    They r highly embarrassing/irritating..
    Any help will be highly appreciated, BIL blog readers can kindly help out as well.
    Thank you. X

    1. Hiya hun! The only remedy that I know, which will be mild enough for such a sensitive area, is 100% raw shea butter. The downside is that shea butter takes an AGE! before you notice any visible difference.

      That's all I really know would work, hopefully one of my readers will be able to provide some advise to.

      But you know what I always say, someone out there has got the exact same issue you do, so just google it. You'll be surprised at the number of people that have the same issue and the remedies they tried. You'll be able to filter out which you feel might work for you! xx

    2. Shaving or using hair removal product as a way of depilation cuts the hair and when our kind of hair which is very coarse starts growing, it grows out and curves back into the same place. That makes the place bumpy and it's traumatic to the skin, so it gets darker because more melanin is released to heal the area.
      I am a trained beauty therapist. My compant is called Beedazzled. My professional advise for to completely stop shaving or using the creams and start waxing. Waxing will help remove the hair from it roots. No more ingrown hair (when you are waxed right ) and the hair grows out finer in texture. You also exfoliate the area the next day after the wax procedure.

  3. Nice one Ezinne! I can already see dis becoming a hugeee hit! Quick question pls,what foundation will u recommend for a flawless matte finish (which I think is best for oily skins like mine)? I'm trying to change from using MaryKay which I've been using for like forever! Lool....pls help out a sister

    1. Thank you! So, my skin-type isn't similar to yours so can't offer a personal recomendation. BUT! I have read and watched reviews on a few that do the job: Revlon Colorstay foundation for oily/combination skin (available in Casabella in the palms and online &, MAC Matchmaster foundation and Black-Up Fluid foundation.

  4. Great. this will be useful when I visit Nigeria. Dot wannt to to be fleeced by market women knowing that you just arrived from jand.
    I hope the vendors list some of their prices.

    1. Hi! The Directory is targeted mainly at ladies in the diaspora who when visiting Lagos, are clueless on where to get their beauty-fixes. And yes the vendors will be advised to list their prices in the FAQ sections!

  5. Love this EZ! You are my kinda girl! I'll have my rep contact you so we can sign up ASAP!

    1. Thanks a lot!! Look forward to the email :) #BiLCertifiedVendor ;)

  6. Wow!!! You're an inspiration girl. I wish you all the best. This creativity shall never fail

  7. Hello anon (pardon me). Firstly, you have to stop using the shaving cream or stick because it's probably a reaction. Use shea butter, honey, aloe vera gel and vit. E oil mixed together on the area morning and night. Use a product that contains salicylic acid. You can add crushed aspirin to the mixture. I don't know of any other cream I can recommend because of reaction but the shea butter thing works, it might just take a while. If it's taking longer than expected, see a dermatologist. Too many recommendations can cause a reaction. I hope I was able to help.

  8. Hi anon (who asked about spots around the bikini line area)...found myself in this situation late last year, and yes I turned to google! Many suggestions from different people but I used St Ives Apricot scrub..I exfoliated the whole area every other day and I didn't shave the area for about a month and a half...this allowed the ingrown hairs, which caused the bumps and spots to begin with, grow out..

    I wouldn't advise you to go back to the same hair removal method you presently use (I used creams) once the spots are gone..I recommend waxing..this can be painful, however you are sure the hairs are removed from the root and there won't be any chance of ingrown hairs.

    You should also continue exfoliating to keep the smoothness going..once or twice a week should do!
    All the best :)

    PS: Dear Ez, You rock!

  9. Great Job! This will go a long way in helping people find the right stores for everything beauty. God bless your efforts..

  10. Hey Ez, Gbemi & 'Anon' thank you so much! I did turn to Google & I've seen so many reviews on how effective lime juice is for spots, so I'm starting that today
    In the meantime, I'm already exfoliating every other day using St Ives Apricot scrub and applying shear butter on d affected areas..
    I'm truly grateful..

  11. Hai.plz i'm quite new to d makeup world and I know next to nothing about make up.i don't use foundation but someone recommended a tinted moisturiser or b.b cream as they are quite light(or so d person said).I would be very grateful if u could recommend something nice and light for me.Thank u.

  12. Hai Ez.first,i commend wht u do.u've been a gr8 help to me (a make up novice).plz,i would like u to recommend a light foundation or powder for me as I do not use any.i apply eyeshadow,filler to my brows and lip gloss or stick buh most times my face is dry as I have very dry facial skin.someone recommended a tinted moisturiser or b.b cream since I am nt rly big on foundation.however,i wld be very grateful for any tip u can give me.thanks.

  13. This is truly inspiring. Great job, can't wait for it to launch


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