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Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all well and a huge THANK YOU to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday! Thanks for your wishes and God bless you all :).

This is a post about some MAC eyeshadows I recently acquired. So I have got a list of MAC products I want to get. If I am reading a blog, watching a Youtube video or just scrolling down instagram and I see a MAC product that sparks my interest, it goes down on the list. Said 'list' is located in the notes app on my phone and I am actually ashamed to admit the number of MAC products I want to get. I'd like to add at this juncture I actually keep two different makeup lists one for MAC and the 2nd for every other brand...... *I can hear your judgmental thoughts*

Funny Story: These products I didn't get to swatch because I had my boyfriend pick them up at duty-free on the way back from his last work trip. He always gets me MAC from duty-free, he messages me like "What do you need from MAC" and I just send him a list and he shows it to the SA at the counter, like hands over his phone and she picks out what they have and lets him know what they don't have. He's even called me once after showing my list to the SA,because I wanted the refills and apparently they don't sell them at duty-free and he didn't understand what she was saying, so he just called me and said "Please speak to my girlfriend" lol. Boys aye? 

L-R: Brule, Expensive Pink & Cranberry

Anyways this trio of shadows were at the top of my list, which means they've been on there for a while. My list works in descending order with the oldest at the top and newest at the bottom. Yup there's a method to my madness, cheers.

Cranberry - frost finish
First up is the shade 'Cranberry'. A gorgeous frost finish shadow with speckles of pink glitter in it. I'd describe the colour as a berry-red.

It's a shade that I can use in different sections of the eye. As a lid colour, subtle transition colour and even on the outer 'v' of the lid. It's buttery-smooth as with most MAC shadows and the glitter in it is hardly visible once blended.

Expensive Pink - Veluxe Pearl finish
I have had my eye on this gorgeous rose-gold shadow for a while and I am slightly disappointed with how this comes up on my skin.  I'm pretty sure if I had swatched it at a MAC counter I won't have picked it up. I don't find it as flattering as I expected and it's a little difficult to blend. I'd describe it as a duo-chrome shade because, it's rose-gold but when you move your face around you can catch some pure-gold in it and its got a peachy undertone.

The issue I've got with it is a little difficult to describe, but it kind of just sits on my lids and just enhances all the imperfections, and when I try to apply a little more product it seems to make it worse. Maybe I'm not applying it properly, I'll probably try spraying some Fix+ on my brush then applying and see how that works. Not giving up on this one just yet!

Brule - Satin finish
This I LOVE! I have been using this as a highlight colour underneath my brows. With one swipe, it barely comes up on my skin, so to get the swatches below I had to be a little heavy-handed. But I love the fact that it's so sheer.

When you imagine the perfect highlight eyeshadow you think of a frost-finish, but this surprisingly is a satin (bordering on matte) and it works superb! I can't get enough of it. It gives me the perfect highlight I need. I also use it all over my lid when I want to work a light-nude look during the day. Zero complaints about this one.

I'm sure you noticed I had depotted two of my shadows already. I prefer them in palettes and when I move around I just transfer the ones I'd like to use into my quad or duo palettes. Hope you enjoyed this post.

What MAC shadows are on your 'to-get' list?


Ez xxX



  1. Cranberry and Expensive Pink!!! I love them. And trust me girl you are not the only one with a makeup list in her notes. I have a perfume list as well and as i remove something i include another one. My poor bf has suffered too.. He knows all the MAC products like he wears them!! haha. great post.

    1. OMG!! me too, I just add new items to my list every time lol! Always good to know you're not alone in the madness!! Our poor bf's :(. They're stuck with makeup-addicts!

  2. Nice EZ. Hope you had a fab bday. Lol I also have that infamous MAC list. Nice to know I'm not the only one. I've been meanig to get some of the retro matte lipstick collection and Rihanna's smoked cocoa quad. I had to rule out some of the products I've wanted for a long time tho.
    BTW the shades above are all gorgeous!

    1. Hi! Yes I did, thank you :). Yeah I want to get 'Flat out Fabulous' from the retro matte collection!

  3. Great haul!
    Love the rose gold. Sad that it doesn't meet your needs.

    1. I know, it sucks. But still going to try it out a bit more and see what happens

  4. Haha! your notes sound just like mine except I have a lot less Mac products on it *sticks out tongue* Brule looks awesome though, wonder if I should put it on my list... *covers face*

  5. Oh and the BF sounds awesome too ;-)

  6. Lol... we all have the list/notes. Poor bfs... the first time my bf followed me to get mac lippies, he kept weighing the bag and asking how much the total was lol. I love the cranberry and brule

  7. Hey Ez!
    Can you recommend a good face primer (apart from milk of magnesia) that works well in this Lagos heat? I notice that by noon my face is an oily mess. What tips can you offer?
    Also can you do a post on your everyday foundation routine geared towards humid climates? Thanks x

    1. She should , that would help. I dont live in Nigeria, but when I visit I usally use a good primer like Benefit porefessional. and finish with a powder and face mist/spray. It all comes down to your skin type (dry, combo or oily)

  8. cranberry is my fav.
    I thought it was quite normal to have a list? lol.

  9. Cranberry is one of my favorite! Such a vibrant and fun color.


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