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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

KAYGE COSMETICS - Introduction & Review

Hey Everyone!

Hope you lovelies had a good weekend and are well and truly over the dreaded ‘Monday-Blues’. I’ve got a relatively new makeup brand to introduce you guys to, and I’m quite excited about this one.

The brand is called Kayge Cosmetics*, and they contacted me last month asking to send me over some of their stuff to try out.

Right now their line consists of just lip products. So in the picture above you can see the sort of lip products they have, LipGlosses, LipSticks, LipStains and LipPencils

They were generous enough to ask me to pick anything I wanted, I didn’t want to be too greedy so I chose two items. Imagine my surprise when I got my package and saw that they added in a few more bits. I literally squealed! Lol. I was sent a lipliner, lipstick, 2 glosses and a lipstain, basically an item from each line.

Kayge Cosmetics Lipstick in 'Mist'
 First off is the lipstick in 'Mist'

This is a neutral/nude shade. If you follow me on instagram (@BeautyInLagos) you already know I love my 'My-lips-but-better' shades of lipstick, especially for the office. And this falls right into that category. It's a nice warm nude shade, with a creamy consistency and lustre finish. I really like how it feels on my lips and it's gained a well-deserved spot in my 'nude-lippy' rotation.

Kayge Cosmetics LipGlosses in 'Flirt' & 'Melon'
Next up are the lip glosses

L-R: Flirt & Melon
Absolutely in love with the colours I was sent. I  picked out 'Melon' and 'Flirt' was selected by the vendor. These lip glosses are super pigmented. I found them teeny-weeny too thick during application but once applied and blended, it just melts in. They are not sticky at all. They can also be lightly layered over lipsticks too. Been wearing these a lot over the past week and it's pure love! They've got two different lipgloss variations, 'Matte' and 'Shimmer'. Both these glosses are in the 'Matte' family.

Kayge Cosmetics Lipstain in 'Cotton Candy' & LipPencil in 'Nude'

Last up are the lipstain and lip pencil

This lipstain I picked out because I was instantly drawn to the colour, but would you believe I am yet to use this! Unbelievable, I know. But I did swatch it and it is very very similar to MAC's 'Saint Germaine' lipstick. I cannot give a full review on the texture and how it feels on the lips, but I will let my instagram/twitter peeps know when I do use it. The lipliner is a light-brown shade. Perfect for lining the lips, this doesn't give the sort of depth I prefer when combined with a nude lipstick/gloss, because it's too light. So it simply adds a bit of colour round my lips. But it will work differently with everyone because we've all got different lip-pigmentations. I feel this will show up a lot more on people with warmer/darker pigmented lips. I pair this a LOT with the 'Mist' lipstick and they work perfectly together. It's a nice creamy lip pencil and easy to blend in.

Now most people when it comes to lip products like to know how long the wear lasts before re-application. To be honest, I'm not all too bothered about how long a product lasts on my lips. I'm just one of those that don't mind re-applying when they feel like. Like, I am THAT girl who whips out her lipgloss/stick mid-convo and re-applies, no mirror required, anytime anywhere! lol. I did try to pay attention to type up this review, but I got bored. It's just not me, I'm more bothered about how the product applies, in terms of if it's too dry and dragging on my lips, or in the case of glosses if it's too sticky or thick, the scent and of course the colour payoff. Those are my parameters for deciding if I like or dislike a lip product.

Stockists: Gifty's Daughter Lagos No. 25A Toyin Street, Ikeja Lagos & No. 6 Khana Street, Dline Off Olu Obasanjo Road, PortHarcourt.
Twitter: @KaygeCosmetics
Instagram: @Kayge27

I am loving these indigenous makeup brands, the quality of their products is really top-notch. As much as we all love the big international brands, let's not overlook some of our homegrown talent. They really have stepped up their game. I really love these products I was sent from Kayge Cosmetics and I hope you all enjoyed this review!


Ez xxX


  1. The glosses look gorge! And I'm not a gloss girl but I might try one with a matte finish. I reapply my lipstick whenever too. The kinds of looks I've gotten while doing that! Lol

    1. haha!! I know, they give me that bewildered/pitiful look! But I gotta do what I gotta do! :p

  2. first time visiting your blog, love your style of blogging, very unique and different. you have lovely nails.

    1. Hi!! Thanks very much, that's very nice of you :) xx

  3. Hi! nominated you for the Liebster award! :-)

  4. I got me some Kayge lipglosses n it stays on for about 6 hours. Wish they had very bright orange which is my fav lip color in the whole wide world.

  5. Thanks oh, i'm not a fan of long reviews. Keep them short and sweet that's what i say, too many details give me a headache. Nice review by the way, interested in the lip stain.


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