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Friday, 20 September 2013


Hi Everyone,

My Makeup is a company that needs no introduction on this blog. I mentioned them earlier this year here. So if at the end of this post you need their contact information, etc. Please check out that post!

I love My Makeup, because you can tell they don't sell makeup just for the sake of it. They are in-tune with beauty trends and stock items that people in the beauty-world refer to as 'Cult-items'. I also love that they re-stock popular/staple items each time they run out. I don't know, they aren't quite Sephora/Boots (YET!), but they definitely know that with makeup it's quality over quantity and it's the fact that they put a lot of thought into what they stock, that makes me love the site even more.

Anyway, on to this post. Weeks ago, My Makeup had a flash sale event at Social Place in Victoria Island and I knew I had to be there. The word 'sale' just felt like I had been given the liberty to pick what ever I wanted :D.. Any excuse, honestly.

But, I didn't get much, just 3 items. *womp*. lol

Real Techniques 'Setting Brush' - N3000*

First item I picked was this Real Techniques 'Setting Brush'. The function of this brush is pretty-much in the name 'setting'. It's used to set your makeup, and what does one use to set makeup in place? Powder! I got this to set my undereye concealer with my MAC prep+prime transparent loose powder, or my ben nye banana powder.

Now I am still on a quest to discover the best under-eye setting tool for me. I have used, beauty-blenders, concealer brushes, makeup sponges, powder brushes and I am now on to this, the Setting Brush. All these other tools have worked, and I will continue switching back and forth between them, but I feel (for now) I am loving this one. It picks up enough product and give me that light coverage I need for daily use. If I need a heavier coverage for when I'm headed to weddings or events, I use a makeup sponge. All in all, VERY happy with this purchase :)

NYX Lipliner Pencil in 'Coral' - N1000*
This I got because I haven't got a lipliner to go with my peachy/light-orange lipsticks and glosses. I just knew this would compliment my lip-products in this shade. And it does, it blends beautifully and I have even applied it all over my lips, topped-off with some gloss.

The texture is nice and creamy like most NYX lip-liners and very pigmented. Gorgeous shade!

Maybelline New Vivids Lipstick Collection in 'Shocking Coral' - N3000*

This colour just pops! It's not as neon as it looks in these pictures, definitely a very wearable shade.

It's a nice pink-orange shade, with a little more pink than orange. A while back, like early last year, I was looking EVERYWHERE for a lipstick this colour. I picked up MAC's 'Impassioned', which was nice but not quite what I was after. I haven't got round to wearing this yet, so can't really describe what it feels like on. But from my swatching I'd say its a creamy lipstick and not matte (yay). Think I'll incorporate it in a look this weekend! Seeing these swatches just got me all excited again.

Maybelline's 'Shocking Coral' swatched next to NYX's 'Coral'
And that's it on my mini-haul. But....

I was also kindly gifted some Magnolia Pigments to try out

Magnolia Makeup Pigments
I have been playing around with them and trying out different looks. These are loose eyeshadow pigments by the way, if you were wondering. So expect a full review from me on this and all I can say for now is, you really need to have these pigments in your collection. They are super super-pigmented and last allll day long. Keep your eyes peeled for that review coming in a couple weeks.

I wanted to end this post by starting a little debate in my comments section. I have always been confused by what the shade 'Coral' is made up of. I once had a nail polish from Rimmel called Coral and it was a lovely pink-orange. And I've got a lipstick from Revlon called 'Coral' and its a bright red-orange shade. And then the coral shades in this post are both VERY different. So my question is

What colours make up Coral? Pink-Orange or Red-Orange?

Let me know in the comments section please :)


Ez xxX

*I got these items on sale but that was weeks ago, so these prices are not Sale prices, but actuals :)


  1. Lovely products you got would really love a real techniques brush. To me coral is made up of pink and orange but I guess it can be either.

  2. I've always seen coral as a pink-orange. P.S. What do you recommend for setting your waterline to prevent it from smearing. I've tried all sorts but to no avail. I end up looking like a raccoon at the end of the day if I don't touch up

  3. I'll go with pink-orange. That color looks great...tempted to try it.

  4. awwwh ,cool haul . Gosh Mongolia pigment *green with envy*.

  5. Magnolia pigments are pretty awesome! I think coral is more of pink-orange. I'm totally in love with everything Real techniques that I have so no surprise that you love the brush, it's so soft. great haul!

  6. The real technique brush.......can't wait 2 have mine :D

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