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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

MAC - Haul

Hi Hi Hi!!,

So back to our scheduled programming of BEAUTY-related posts :D

I recently picked up some new products from MAC. Although I did not buy these in Lagos, we've got a MAC store here so I am pretty sure you can get most of this stuff if you wanted..

Also I have never actually compared price differences between  MAC stores in Lagos and London. I will be sure to use this post as reference for when I want to repurchase. But I don't think the difference will be THAT ridiculous, right?

The products I got are mostly repurchases of stuff I'm running low on and a few new items I've had my eye on for some time. Enjoy

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC42 - £21.50
This is a repurchase. This is the fluid foundation from MAC that works best with my skin. So far I have tried, MatchMaster, ProLongwear & Studio Fix Fluid (SFF), and SFF is the best for me.

Foundation Pump - £4
I also picked up a Pump this time. Because my only gripe with this foundation was the application, so now that's sorted :)

MAC Blot Powder 'Dark' - £20
Repurchased my much-loved blotting powder

MAC Powder Blush Matte 'Harmony' - £18

I haven't found the perfect contour powder shade for me just yet. The Sleek contour palettes, I feel, come up a little 'reddish' on me. So when I saw one of my YouTube girlies, who is also the same shade as I am in the MAC SFF, use this and it looked perfect, I made a note to pick this up. Hopefully it turns out great.

MAC MSF in 'Soft and Gentle' - £22

I have had my eye on this highlighter for some time, and when I swatched it I fell in love. It gives a nice subtle glow that is also build-able.

MAC Cremesheen Glass 'Fashion Whim' - £17.50

I watched Sammi (BeautyCrush) and her sister Danni's summer-tag video (here), and I found my eyes transfixed on Danni's lipgloss. It was LITERALLY all I could look at throughout the video. She listed the products she used, and it was a Rimmel Lipliner in 'Tulip' and a MAC lipgloss in 'Boybait'. But when I went in to the MAC store to swatch Boybait I found it a little too pale on me ('dead-fish' lips anyone?), so the MA suggested this one, Fashion Whim, which I luuuurve. Possible lip swatches of this soon. Got the 'Tulip' lipliner from Rimmel as well..... Must. Recreate.The.Look lol

MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder - £20
 This has been on my 'to-get' list for a while. Wanted to try something other than the Ben Nye Banana Powder for setting my under-eye concealer. And this is transparent anyway, so I am hoping it'll give a lighter finish, as I find the BNPP a little heavy at times.

MAC Paint Pot 'Soft Ochre' - £15

This had also been on my to-get list, this paint-point as well as 'Painterly', but after I swatched both of them, I decided to go for just ' Soft Ochre'. This is just going to be a subtle base for my eyeshadows, and I will also use it on it's own when I rock my winged-eye. Which is everyday, by the way.

So that's my latest MAC splurge. I have picked up one or two more things since I bought these and I will type up a post about that haul too.

What items have you recently picked up or have your eye on at MAC?  


Ez xxX



  1. Great post, I have my eye on soft ochre. SFF works best for me too. I recently picked up the SF powder in NW43 though. I thought it would look cakey but I love the finish with fix+. Guess I'll be converting to powder for a while lol

    1. Thank you :)

      Guuurl, I converted to powder a couple months ago! I used to wear SFF every single day, but now I keep it for special occasions and stuff. A bit of Studio Finish concealer and SF Powder/Any powder to be honest, has been my go-to base, and I am loving it :) xx

  2. I went to the MAC store in Lagos to repurchase my foundation and also pick up a few other things. A friend advised me to leave the foundation and just get the other stuff. She said I should get a BlackUp foundation instead. So I ended up only picking up a highlighting concealer and lipsticks. Went to the BlackUp shop and I'm not even exaggerating, when the MUA cleaned off my foundation(MAC) and applied the BlackUp foundation, it was like magic. My friend said it was like real-life photoshop. (LOL). Anyway, ever since that day, I've sworn off all other brands of foundation especially MAC. You should try it and let us know what you think! It's a liquid foundation in a bottle similar to MAC's except it comes with a pump.

    1. Hi Maki! I had the exact same experience...talked about it on my blog. The MAC foundation was so bleh on me...but the BlackUp was Ah-may-zing! Full coverage and flawless too. Can't sing it's praises enough.

  3. Nice haul! I used to use SFF but right now it's a lil bit too light for me (although it wasn't even my perfect match in the first place lol). I now use the face and body which i like for everyday use but it doesn't offer full coverage :/
    2 questions:
    1) How do you keep your makeup in place throughout the day (oily, shiny, eyeliner smudging e.t.c)
    2) Can you do a post on your skin care routine specifically for blemished skin


    1. The more you blend f&b it turns into a paste and offers more coverage...hope this helps! Xx


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