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Friday, 30 August 2013

HOUSE OF TARA - Flawless Event Pictures & Mini-Haul

Hi Everyone,

Hope you've all had a decent week and Thank God It's Friday!!!

Last weekend I was kindly invited over to the House Of Tara (HOT) studio in Lekki Phase 1. They were hosting an even tagged 'Flawless'. Now I am not quite sure where I got this information, but I know I GOT it, this event was mainly to launch their new line of Foundation, but they also had some other new products launching.

Now for anyone that's never heard of HOT, this is an indigenous makeup brand owned by Tara Fela-Durotoye. My first encounter with this brand was at Ebeano supermarket in Lekki 1 (the old location), and I saw these eyeshadows on a stand and they didn't really hold my attention to be honest. And since we aren't able to swatch makeup in most stores in Lagos, it was really difficult for me to get an opinion on the products. Fast-forward to Sunday, and I could tell IMMEDIATELY that a lot of rebranding had taken place. Everything looks really good, and swatches I tried were really pigmented.

I'd never been to the HOT studio/store before and I was really impressed. I loved the layout, the colors, just the general atmosphere in the room was great!

They had key products setup down the centre of the store and shelf after shelf of glorious makeup.

Was a really nice setup, with enough space for people to move around and try-out the products.

We were also treated to Cocktails and yummy Desserts. The Desserts were particularly interesting, hadn't seen a Crepe Barbeque round these parts before, the desserts where catered by a company called Kiwis & Peaches

Tara Medium-Coverage Foundation
 The reason I was invited down. The newly-launched product, Tara Medium-Coverage Foundation.

I think this foundation has got 6-7 different shades. From light caramel shades through to dark chocolate.

Its got on the back 'Normal-to-Dry-Skin', so this pretty much says it may not be ideal for oily/combination skin. Or if you do have the latter, you will need a good primer and powder to help set this in place. I did try this on the back of my hand, and it felt really nice. Not sticky, light-weight and blended in really well. But that isn't much of a review because to really know if any makeup product works for you, one will have to wear it for a full-day for a couple weeks (obviously taking it off every

The tube-like packaging is very reminiscent of MAC's Studio Sculpt (SS) foundation, but the formulations are completely different. For one, this is water-based while SS is gel-based. Found the name of this a LITTLE odd. I know up there I called it 'Tara Medium-Coverage Foundation', but it's quite a generic name. Guess they wanted to keep it nice and simple.

After I had played around with this some, I wandered around the store and then these beauties caught my eye...

Turns out they were also launching new shades of this. They are called ' High-Shine Lip Stains', but I would compare them to some lip-laquers Rimmel released earlier this year, or was it late last year? But anyway, I am talking about Rimmel’s 'Apocalips'.

This Lip Stain from Tara can be compared to a lip lacquer. Lip Laquers are basically lip products that go on like glosses, but then settle on your lips to look lip-lipsticks. I describe them as super-pigmented moisturizing lipsticks. These don’t go matte, now you all know me and matte lip products ain't friends, so this one is right up my street.

They had a lot of shades. I only captured my favourite from the day. They have it all covered in the shades department, really really impressed.

So after the event, and being surrounded by so much make up, I got so overwhelmed that I only went away with one single purchase. Plus I am trying to control myself when it comes to makeup, I have waaaaaay too much. So these days I just buy stuff I absolutely do not have. 

Tara High-Shine Lip Stain in 'Nefertiti' - N1,650
Like for instance, I don’t THINK I have got any lip product in this shade. 

It kind of reminded me of MAC's 'Syrup’ lipstick. It's coming off a lot brighter in these swatches, but I promise it's a dark pink shade with purple undertones. Very flattering on my skin and I know you would much rather see lip swatches of this, so I will make a note to post some swatches on my Instagram page in the coming weeks, so now might be a good time to follow me if you don't. Username: @BeautyInLagos.

All in all I had a lovely time at the event, anything makeup, you've got me! So wanted to say a huge Thank You to the House of Tara team, specifically Temi, for having me :)

Company: House of Tara International
Address: Plot 13A, Onikepo Akande Street, Road 12, Lekki Phase 1 Lagos (various branches scattered all across Lagos & Nigeria, check the website for locations here)
Telephone Number: 08022922922 & 08024787772

What Products do you love from House Of Tara?


Ez xxX


  1. Nice....i've used their lipstick-orekelewa and its really good since i love matte lipstick and then are eye shadows are gorgeous...

  2. Hi Ez! :)
    The lip 'stain' looks really nice. Unfortunately I'm not really a gloss person. Or since it's a 'stain' does it have a not so glossy finish? I bought one tara trio quad a few years back. Wasn't too impressed so I gave it out.
    Xo vieve

    1. Hiya luvvey!! It's not glossy at all. It just applies like a gloss, then once on the lips it's feels like lipstick, although not a Matte lipstick. They're much thicker than lipglosses. And these are very pigmented.

      Shame about their eyeshadows though..

  3. I have their brow pencils, liquid eyeliner, eye-primer and their "Queen Amina" eyeshadow pallete. Honestly i'm confused about how i feel abt the pencils and liquid liner.......But, their eye-primer I adore! It's just divine! The Queen Amina palette works very well for me, except for some colors within the palette which usually have lots of fall-outs.

    1. Wow! That's a lot of products off them! Thanks for sharing :) xx

  4. Please can you confirm the name of that Tara high gloss shade you have swatched as Nerfeti. Spotted it at Ebeano, right name, wrong shade. I hope I am not going colour blind eeek. Help!

    1. Hiya, It is Nerfetiti I got. But the swatches are coming through a lot brighter than it is in the tube. The shade is like a dark purpley-pink. I am pretty sure you spotted the right shade xx

  5. wOW.Lovely pictures. I love their powder & blush palette, tho i have the old blush palette with 5 shades i think. The Lip-stain looks nice and the new foundation, cant wait to try them out. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Nice post. I have there lipstick, liquid eye liner, kohl pencil,and recently just got the foundation to try out... I ran out on my usual and my makeup store(prince trust agency, ph) didn't have my shade so I decided to try something new-tara...

  7. I didn't use to wear foundation before, till i went to their studio and got matched to TF312 which i like cos it doesn't feel heavy or cakey (maybe cos i'm not really used to wearing foundation). However, I dont khow if there's some sort of chart with which one can use to match other products cos i'd really love to know my shade in MAC foundation. I got their lip stain too and my mum looooooves it!

  8. Please where is d studio I need poder palette how much is it plzzx I need a reply

  9. Hi,im one of house of tara beauty rep.Pls contact me on 08130167567 for your tara makeup products

  10. am so disappointed in the tara medium foundation.

  11. Good one Ez! I love their Margaret Ekpo eyeshadow pallet, it is very colourful and also the nefertiti high shine lipstain...

    Your beauty party yesterday was great! we had lot of fun and products, the sessions were awesome. You are such a simple and likeable persona. I am glad I attended, thanks for having me.

  12. Pls ow much is the tara powder and face primer. Thanks

  13. I am really disappointed in the medium coverage foundation....the pallette powder does not really covers too...I got it at your store in ilorin


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