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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Ez SKINCARE TIPS - Skincare in the Air

Hiya my lovelies! Hope everyone's well! :)

Just another little tip for you all, and this one is about skincare in the air! Yup, how to take care of your skin while you're on that long-haul flight to wherever.

Now I wasn't sure to share this at all, because I just did not think it was anything special, I have been doing this for as long as I can remember. I guess I have tweaked it a lot recently, since I started to delve more into beauty and skincare. But the routine has pretty-much stayed the same.

So here are the three main products I use. As with all things beauty/skincare, it is never a 'one-size-fits-all' situation, you take what you learn/see and make it work for you and your skin. For example, sometimes I use actual face-cleansers instead of baby-wipes. Other times, I also apply a toner before I moisturise. Or when I REALLY want to pamper myself a little, I pop-on an invisible face mask. So please feel free to tweak however you want.

Step 1

So when I am flying, I've always got makeup on, nothing heavy, but I am such a girly-girl and I just love me some makeup. So that 'fresh-faced-just-catching-a-flight' girl, ain't me. Anyways, so once the plane has taken off and it's reached a cruising altitude AND the seatbelt signs have been switched OFF! (very important, don't want no one telling the air-hostesses when they fall-over and lose a tooth, that BeautyInLagos told them it was fine to head to the bathroom then), I head to the bathroom with these in hand. I cleanse my face, avoiding my eyes and eye-makeup. And get all the foundation/powder and lipstick off. I don't touch my eye makeup because I cannot be arsed to re-apply liquid eyeliner and mascara, so I just leave them intact.
[Side Bar: These baby-wipes are actually my personal favorite wipes ever! Maybe I'd type up a post dedicated to these wipes. They are amazing!]

Step 2

Once all my face is makeup free, then I apply my intense face moisturizer. Now, let me step back a little here and tell you what skin-type I am working with. My skin is Dry/Sensitive, I used to be Normal/Sensitive but my skin's changed a little. I actually think I alternate between these two, I don't know. So, for the ladies with oily or combination skin, I am not totally sure what sort of moisturizer would work for you. Like I said just tweak it to make it work for you, maybe you won't need quite an intensive moisturiser like mine, perhaps a regular face-cream will work. But you need to moisturise, because the air in the cabin is extremely dry.

Step 3

I apply my lipbalm. And I continue reapplying this throughout the flight, whenever I feel it's dry (if I'm awake)

Step 4
Head back to my seat and enjoy my flight (read as: and fall asleep)

Step 5
Between 1hr-40mins before the crew starts preparing the plane for landing. I head back to the bathroom, cleanse my face again with my baby-wipes, brush my teeth. Apply my day-cream, my Studio Fix Powder. I look at my eyeliner and touch it up a little if I need to, apply some lipbalm and then lipstick/gloss, and.... Et Voila! I am ready for the Arrival Hall, with minimal damage imposed on my skin from that dreadful dry air in the cabin.

I know this post is a little long, but the actual process takes up less than 20mins of your entire flight-time. And this has always worked for me. Like I stressed above, please feel free to switch it up as much as you like. This isn't a 'How You MUST Care For Your Skin In The Air' post, it's just how I care for mine when I fly and I wanted to share with you guys. Oh and also if your flight is less that 2hours, I don't think this is at all necessary, I personally won't bother, but it's up to you :)

How do you care for your skin in the air?





  1. Oh i thought i was the only that use the wipes, i love it due to the fact that i have a sensitive skin. This wipes are scent free and it gets rid of my makeup and leaves no trace of makeup including my eyeliners.

  2. LOL, I use baby wipes too!

    Well, when I remember to wipe my face (very bad habit).

  3. Lmao! I thought I was the only one who uses baby wipes. Try huggies and watch yourself fall in love.

    Just discovered your blog and let's just say 'my loooovvveee'

    Follow my blog thanks


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