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Friday, 5 April 2013

GIVEAWAY - Beauty & The Brunch Event

TGIF Beauty-Lovers!

And what better way to end the week than with a lovely Beauty Event to look forward to and TWO Giveaways to win! I am so grateful that BiL gets offers that always include a little something for you lovely readers.

Giveaway 1
L'Espace is offering 15 (FIFTEEN) BiL followers a 30% discount off services done or booked at the blow-dry bar on the day of the event. This means that if you decide to get your hair done on the 7th of April, or book an appointment to get it done some other time, it'll be 30% off the listed price.

These are the list of services currently being offered at the Blow-Dry Bar.

  1. In order to claim this discount, BiL followers will have to know the special discount code. This special code will be given to the first 15 people to send me an email. 
  2. Send your emails to Subject: Beauty and the Brunch Giveaway. Content: Please may I have the discount code. I follow BeautyInLagos on .... (mention the platform you follow BiL on), my username is.. (Mention your username or alias)
  3. You MUST be following BiL on at least ONE of the social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, GoogleConnect or Twitter.
  4. After you have sent your email, please leave a comment below simple saying: Email Sent.
  5. Giveaway ends once 15 emails have been received.
Giveaway 2

This is open to all BiL followers on Instagram! One of them will get a chance to win a beauty-box worth One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000), courtesy L'Espace. The Beauty-Box will contain natural hair products and treatments worth N100,000. 

  1. You MUST be following BiL on Instagram (Username: @BeautyInLagos)
  2. I will upload a picture of the Blow-dry bar at L'Espace. 'Like' the picture
  3. Leave a comment and tag @L_EspaceByLpm
  4. Winner will be chosen at random
That's it guys! So even more incentive for you lot to come party with me this Sunday, 7th of April! Look forward to seeing you all there and have an awesome weekend!


Ez xxX


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