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Friday, 22 March 2013

M.A.C - Mini-Haul

Hiya Lovelies!

I FINALLY visited the MAC store and I was happy that it was well-stocked and looked exactly like every other MAC stored I'd been too. They've got everything and more! The lipsticks, glosses, different powder finishes, eyeliners, lipliners, the entire prep+prime range, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! So for anyone that thought we'd get some 'half-ass' store, sorry to disappoint you, they've got it all in there! Only complaint I've got is that the store was HOT! Maybe the air-conditioning wasn't working that day or something, but I was so hot and also way too excited to leave because of that. ha!

So, I am on a bit of a self-imposed 'Makeup Ban'.. Yes! believe it or not this is what a ban looks like.. and because of this I only got a few products I've been after for a while.

See, I exercised self-control and I did very well, considering I was in my version of a 'drug store to an addict'.

I picked this up because I needed a concealer to cover-up a few blemishes I had recently 'acquired'.

Since the start of the year, my skin has been up-and-down, for lack of a better description. I had a facial done in December and I think that's what set it off. This is a story for a different post. But long and short of it, I got some MEAN-looking pimples (FOUR to be exact 3 on my forehead and one on the right side of my face) and was left with scars after they'd left/died/whatever happens to pimples. The scars are fading, but I still need to cover them up as they annoy me. Oh and my skin is back to normal now, story on how I got it under control in a post next week.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer 'NC 42' - N4000

The concealer I had been using was my MAC Select Cover-Up, but felt I needed a concealer that gave a bit more coverage, and after seeing a lot of reviews that this gives a medium-full coverage I made a note to get it.
Been using this since the first day I got it and although it gives more coverage than my Select Cover-up concealer, it doesn't totally cover up the scars. It also doesn't last all day. Maybe I am just not getting the application right or something, but this isn't really working as well as I would've liked. If any of you ladies uses this to cover up blemishes please let me know how you apply yours! Thanks

Also got this. It's a highlighter pen used to brighten-up under the eyes, bridge of the nose, cupids-bow and anywhere else on the face that the light hits. It is kind of like MACs version of the YSL Touche Eclat.

I noticed one of my favorite Youtube gurus Carli use it in a few of her tutorials and I had to get it. It's got a brush applicator at the top and you turn the bottom part like a clicker and the products pushes through the bristles.

I got mine in the shade 'Light Boost'. It's part of the Prep+Prime range. I only apply a little amount of this and it works, but I find the formulation a little too thick for my liking. The skin under our eyes isn't as thick as the rest of our body, it is very light and I am very wary of using products that drag on that area of skin. I prefer them to have a very light, creamy consistency and this product doesn't.

MAC Prep+Prime Highlighter 'Light Boost' - N4900
The formulation is so thick and difficult to blend. Might try to heat it up a bit my using my fingers to apply it and see if that helps. But apart from that it's a decent product. I mean, Carli just works it into her face like its nothing, couldn't believe how thick and difficult it is to work-in for me. Don't think I'll be repurchasing this once I am done with it.

Finally I got this kohl eyeliner. Favourite purchase of the Day!

I mentioned before I prefer brown liners for my water line in the daytime.

MAC Eye Khol 'Teddy' - N3500

I LOVE MAC's eye kohl's, they are so soft and pigmented and last very long. All the qualities a perfect eyeliner should possess. Look how opaque the swatch above is, gotta love MAC for their quality

So there you have it, my first MAC Haul from our very own store here in Lagos. I got all this from the store in the Ikeja Mall. The one in the Palms is set to open next month as reported, fingers-crossed it does!

So, who's been to the MAC Store yet? What did you get?


Ez xxX



  1. Am sooo sad!not bin able to visit that store cos I do not have a job and am sooooooo on a mega-TIGHT budget!!!:-(
    Nice purchases thou but why the self-imposed than?!u must be soo disciplined!!lol.if it were me,I'd go alll out!!!sorry for my epistle oo!*covers face
    Nice post ma....:-)

    1. Haha! I've just got a LOT of makeup and don't feel like I need anymore, so trying to scale down lest I become a hoarder.

      Sorry about the job situation, hope you get one in no time! :) xx

  2. Have you visited the blackup store ez?

    1. Hi! Yes I have actually, both stores in Ikeja and the Palms. Didn't really see anything I liked.

  3. Is this the one in Lekki?
    Thanks for this cos I've been having slight panic attacks about my spiked pencil which is almost out. Oh I need concealer too...yay! I'm gonna need restraints in that store cos I might just get everything within sight and soak garri later LOL
    Love ur blog EZ!

    1. Awww!! Thank you!! No this is the store in Ikeja Mall! Garri-diet isn't a bad one! Especially for makeup :D! haha!

  4. hiya, how much do they sell the brow pencil at their lagos store please?

  5. Wnt to d Mac Store on two occasions to gt Ruby Woo n Candy YumYum buh dey kpt on sayn I shud chk bk d ffn week...anywaiz ended up gttn d select cover up concealer n d Velvet teddy lipstick...goin bk 4 d MatchMaster foundation n mst def Ruby Woo....enuf rants frm me..I love d post... :)

    1. Haha! Its not a rant! Love reading comments like this! Thats why i ask questions at the end of my posts!

      Have you tried Mac Red lipstick, next time ure in there swatch it and see what you think :) xx

  6. Had an update course in LUTH some wks back, & made a quick stop in d MAC shop! Got the Blot powder in Medium dark ; Lipsticks- 'See sheer', 'Twig', 'So chaud'; Face protect Visage; Eye-liner Kajal in Smoothblue, and a brush-187. My complaints were with (1)the prices! The lipsticks went for 3,8k, d powder approx 5k (cnt rem),d pencil was +/-3,5 (cnt rem), d primer for 7k, and d brush was 10k or so! WTF (2) they didn't hv accessories like makeup purses (3) and the makeup artists thr are sooooo amateurish- like I virtually entered fresh, and after the makeover, looked like a Geisha !

    Not so sure I'll want to stop by there soonest- will stick to my tri-annual haul from my sis in jand thank u lol

    More of a hoarded than u Ez! *hides face*

    (Excuse my looooong post!)

    1. Pahahahah! I didn't really interact with the MUAs much. But you know something a friend told me once. You don't have to be a trained MUA to work at MAC. Don't know how true this is, but she applied for a job at one of their UK stores and thats what she was told. So Ive always been extremely wary of MAC MUAs. I swatch and test their products myself whenever I'm in there lol.

      lmao @ tri-annual haul. I haven't really done a price comparison yet, think I should! But I didnt feel their pricing was too ridiculous.. xx

  7. Dear BIL. Thanks for sharing this post. i have also been to the store and I was amazed . It's very cosy and well stocked indeed .it was a bit warm in the store tho,I asked why I was told cos of the lights,the use of black and where the store is located,outside and facing the sun.The Makeup artist were polite and helpful unlike some store that gives you nasty attitude.The pricing ain't bad so bad either knowing its shoprite,shipping, ,clearing etc I would rather buy here and encourage business growth.Stay blessed.

  8. So jealous, wish you could come to Abuja and spend your weekend visiting beauty spots, then a nice review. Well in London at the moment so will buy Spiked, Get Rich Quick Dazzleglass and a few other things instead of paying double the amount.

    No Mac in Abuja but Perfumery in Hilton sell a few things that have gathered up dust over the years, I have bought the mineralise skin finish that cost 7,5, I had no choice, but Casabella is amazing.

    Sorry I'm off point :)

  9. Pls wat is d present cost of Ruby woo @ d ikeja mall?

  10. I really love the fact that you gave the prices and loctaion!.. Helped a lot. Thanks pls keep it

  11. Can you help me with their opening hours? Are they open on sundays?


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