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Thursday, 14 February 2013


Happy Valentine's Beauty-Lovers! :)

So I was catching up on the lovely Vieve's blog and noticed in a beauty-haul she had purchased Ben Nye powder from a store in Lagos called 'Brownies'. I immediately sent her a message on twitter asking for deets of the store and she gave me the address as well as directions. Thanks a lot Vieve :) xx

My main purpose for visiting the store was to get my hands on the now infamous Ben Nye 'Banana' Powder, unfortunately this wasn't available.

Ben Nye Luxury Powder 'Nutmeg'

This was all they had left from the brand (apologies for the poor picture quality) and it was too dark for my skintone, but the lovely salesgirl mentioned they were expecting new stock in and promised to  give me a call when they landed in-store.

But my frown was soon turned upside down when I looked around the shop, and noticed they had quite a lot of E.L.F products on display.

 I have been meaning to try-out products from this brand and had seen a few online retailers here in Lagos selling some of their products, but they had nothing I was interested in.

E.L.F which stands for Eye.Lips.Face is a very inexpensive makeup brand with products that are of very good quality. In the UK majority of their products range from 3.50-5.00 GBP.

I was very pleased that the mark-up on the items displayed in the store was not too high as is synonymous with nearly EVERY international makeup brand that is sold in Lagos. So annoying! I mean definitely include your costs when re-pricing your items, but sometimes these retailers take the piss.. Rant for another day.. Anyways...

After looking around here are the items I got

E.L.F. Mechanical Eyelash Curler - N1,000
The last time I used eyelash-curlers I was a teenager in my makeup experimentation stages, they were some pink plastic ones I got free in a magazine and weren't very good at all to be honest.

Been meaning to get the Shu Uemura ones, but when I saw these in the shop I decided to go for them because they are mechanical, just like Shu Uemura

It also came with an extra rubber insert for when the one already in place wears out.

I usually deep-clean my brushes every other week, using baby-oil to to take out all the makeup first and mild baby shampoo immediately after to wash. But most times, especially with my eyeshadow and liner brushes, I just want to do some on-the-spot cleaning between applications, these will be very handy.

It's got a pleasant smell and antibacterial which is an added bonus. I can see myself repurchasing these for sure!

I also picked up the E.L.F.  Eye-primer, but when I got home it was nowhere to be found. Guess I forgot to actually pay for it AND put it in my carrier bag *blonde*. I'll be visiting Brownies again, soon I'm sure, so I'll get it then.

Brownies World
4, Irewole Avenue, Awosika Busstop by TFC
Opebi, Ikeja
For more info visit their webpage:


Ez xxX


  1. Happy valentine BIL!!. Will visit there

  2. Bin loooking for ELF brushes!!!def visiting....jst mite try using an eyelash curler!!!lol
    Tanx Ez

  3. ELF PRODUCTS ARE AMAZING!!!! they a truly my fav drugstore brand!
    Wanna follow me?
    -Jen <3

  4. You should definitely go back for the eye's quite good and pretty cheap too :)

  5. I also recommend their powder brush. Its great for applying foundation and loose powder too, and retails for $3 in the states so shouldnt be too pricey.
    Oh, and thier liquid eyeliner which goes for $1 here. Very pigmented, and does the job.

  6. So happy I found your blog! I'm from London and I'm coming to Lagos for a while in the summer. I thought I'd have to bring ALL my makeup but it's nice to know I can buy some products there. Woop excited lol. Great blog :)

    1. Hi!! You will be surprised the number of things that one can find in Lagos. The only problem is it's never a large quantity and not that much information on where to get them. This was the main reason I started this blog, just to provide info on the little hidden-gems that are scattered around Lagos. Thanks for reading and if you are searching for anything beauty-related when you're down here just shoot me an email and I'll try my best to help! :) xx

  7. thanks beautyinlagos. We hv all Elf products and many other brands too at affordable rates


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