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Thursday, 20 December 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW - Bomb Cosmetics 'Pepperland' Body Polish

Hi Guys,

So this is a mini review of a product I am ABSOLUTELY loving right now. The Bomb Cosmetics 'Pepperland' Shower Body Polish.

The first Bomb Cosmetics product I ever got was sent to me by the lovely Tolagbe of Social Place in Lagos, this post, to review. I LOVED that body polish and decided I was going to get another. A few weeks ago whilst browsing in my fave beauty store in lagos, Casa Bella at The Palms Mall, I came across their selection of Bomb Cosmetics products and at Casa Bella they've got tester products so you are able to sniff them. I really won't recommend actually testing them on your skin. All the products need for you to dip your finger in and only LORD knows how many other people would've done that... NOT HYGIENIC. But a 'sniff-test' is safe.

This body polish smells divine, and we all know by now I cannot describe a scent to save my life, but I will say this product smells like a Spa! Honestly, when I use this my entire bathroom smells like Barazahi (my fave spa here in Lagos). It's got pure Lemon Grass and Clary Sage essential oils in it.

This body polish, unlike the other one I had, is oil-based so it will leave behind a thin layer of oil on your skin and it's nothing too heavy, doesn't annoy me at all. Ok, so I won't recommend moisturising your skin after using this, especially if you live in a humid climate like I do. Maybe a light moisturiser, if you must!

I believe those little black balls you can see in the picture above are little peppercorns (not sure), but these can get in the way a bit as they do not melt. Really don't know why they're in there. I don't know if I'm just paranoid because of the word 'Pepper' in the name, but this does tingle some when I use it. It's not uncomfortable at all, so don't be put off by this.

This product really does what it says on the tin. I use this the same way I use all my body exfoliants, first I rub it in using my hands, then I go over again using my exfoliating mitts. My exfoliation process is better described in this post I did a few months ago.

 After you have used this, your skin will feel noticeably softer and smoother. This is one product I do not regret buying. I use this once/twice a week depending on how much time I've got when I shower. It really is a great product and will last for a couple months so it's definitely money well spent.

For a brand that's been around a long time and I hadn't paid any attention to until earlier this year, Bomb Cosmetics really is ticking all the right boxes for me so far.

Casa Bella
The Palms Mall
Oniru, Victoria Island
Contact Number: 01-2770233 & 01-7401192
Price: N2000 - N3000 approx. (Can't remember how much it cost. Will update as soon as I get it)

The Social Place
96 Awolowo Road
Ground Floor (behind MegaCare Pharmacy)
Ikoyi, Lagos
Twitter: @SocialLagos
Price: N2600

Beauty Experts recommend that we exfoliate our skin at least once a week, it's good to get rid of dead skin so that the new skin underneath can easily replace it. Exfoliating is so good for the skin, it gives it a healthy glow. And you don't necessarily need any of these fancy scrubs/polishes to exfoliate. A good pair of exfoliating mitts and your regular body wash/soap will also get the job done!

Do You Exfoliate? What products do you use?


Ez xxX


  1. Please do they also sell mac foundations at casabella?

    1. Yes they do! But they've got a limited range of shades.

  2. I use garnier body polish, I think it's a body tonic or something. Really good and what I love is it instantly polishes your skin and you can see it. I have used so many in the past, mostly the body shop ones but this is the best. If you can get it in Lagos please try it.


    1. Thanks for sharing! That product sounds amazing. Ill be on the look out xx

  3. I found your blog yesterday and I read everything back to January 11, your very first post. I love what you are doing. It's great for those in the Island. I wish I could find a blog like yours for people in the Mainland.

    1. Hi! Thanks a lot! This year I plan on not just limiting myself to the island. It's more convenient cos its where I live, but I'm going to try and review afrw places on the mainland as well.

      But thanks for reading! Xx


    1. Please how do you go about mixing your exfoliant yourself? Thanks.

  5. I use my own home mix and it works perfectly. Still won't mind trying this though, yeah am an adventurer

  6. This is my first visit to your blog and am so much in love with everything I have seen so far,I am following on twitter right away,pls keep up the good work,I hope to see more of your blogs. Thumbsup#

  7. Hi. Just got the body scrub like a month ago and I must say its divine!!! love love love.But there was a little problem when i tried to use it this week, it sort of dried up. Tried stirring it but it was still 'gritty'. so i added olive oil. That didn't help either. It made it kinda 'cakey' :( So I dont know wat do now... did you experience that too???

    1. OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! This happened to me as well!! I went away just after christmas and when i got back in the new year it was al dried up and impossible to use! I keep mine on the window-sill in my bathroom so I assumed it was the direct sunlight that dried it up, so felt it was my fault! Ahhh!! This is why I LOVE blogging, I wouldve thought it was something I did if u hadn't commented. I guess it needs to be used up quickly, 4weeks maximum. Thanks for sharing that! xx

  8. March 2013 at 11:04

    Hello dear just stumbled on your blog...its pretty interesting, i just a sent a mail and hope to get a response ASAP...
    i have black spots on ma legs and hands..have tried everything i could lay my hands on but have not tried exfoliating though....
    please could you recommend a soap, body cream and any other thing you think would work for me....would be forever grateful.

  9. Good day. Thank you for your posts. Please,kindly reply my comments. I hv read severally that for a person to get an even skin tone using skin lightening products, u must ff 4steps judiciously. Hydrate, exfiolate, moisturize nd us a gd (sunblock for ur entire body). I gat d hydration covered and I hv decided to use arbutin soap wch I can't find in Ph. Pls can u list d specific brands u knw is right for d other 3 steps and where I can it in lagos. I wld be in lag next week.please reply. Thanks. Mwah!


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