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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

L'Espace by LPM

As I type up this post all that's going through my head is the question 'Why am I only JUST writing this post'. In my defence I think my subconscious sort of concluded that EVERYONE knows about L'Espace. But that's not right because honestly, my blog is about informing you guys and not assuming you all already know about a place. Anyways, preamble done.... Say hello to L'Espace!

Now for me to introduce you all to L'Espace, I need to talk about  Le Petit Marche (LPM). LPM is a little sunday market held on the last Sunday of every month at a chosen venue in Lagos. I remember when I moved back, LPM was in its conception stage and that was the first 'Lagos event' I attended . And I remember kicking myself in the butt thinking, why didn't I think of doing this. LPM brings together a whole host of independent (and even some established) vendors under one roof to create a buzzing shopping atmosphere. Items sold range from Clothes, to Makeup, Sweets/Candy, Shoes, Accessories, Vintage Items, Hair Extensions, Hair/Skin Care... list is endless. Like, the traffic to the venue on Sundays is ridiculous!

Soooo, back to L'Espace. A couple years down the line from LPM, L'Espace was 'born'. And as you would imagine L'Espace is basically a selection of the vendors from the monthly LPM event, but this time you get to walk into a 'mortar and brick' store and shop what you want - whenever you want. This means you are no longer limited to just a single Sunday every month to indulge your addiction. I popped into the store last week and took a few pictures of some of the items in there. As you already know a few things I've spoken about on here are housed at L'Espace, for example the Wow! Nails concession and Sweet Kiwie Fro-yo. So here's some more stuff at L'Espace. Enjoy!

CamCam Sweets, a VERY affordable selection of sweets.

False Lashes.

Anyone looking for those home fragrance oils that you heat up, they've got them at L'Espace. They've also got the burners as you can see in the picture above (top right)

I have no idea who all the vendors are in the store, quite honestly I don't think it matters that much. If I see something I like, I buy, who the vendor/designer is means nothing to me.

I just thought to make this post a little picture heavy, because pictures tell the story far better than words in this case. But I also wanted to show you guys a couple things that specifically caught my eye in the store:

Ahh! I bring to you the 'Obsidian' section at L'Espace. I am OBSSESSED with these bags. They are absolutely gorgeous. The gold hardware and detailing of these bags are just so lush, I can't even describe it. The come in different finishes, I feel there's one for everyone!

I specifically have my beady eyes on this PINK (of course) one! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

More finishes of the same bag. Don't know what this bag is called, but it's by the designer 'Obsidian' and they are quite pricey, so I am saving up my pretty little pennies for this.

These notebook and iPad cases also caught my eye. The fabric used on these cases are also interesting, some may say they are just standard ankara fabric wrapped cases, but to me they are unique.

19A, Olosa Street,
Off Karimu Kotun Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos.

So since I was under the assumption EVERYONE knew about L'Espace, it'll be a little interesting to know which one of you guys didn't, so....

Did you already know about L'Espace?

Ez xxX


  1. i knew about lpm, but not about l'espace
    i tot it was d same thing...
    now i know better.. :)

  2. Oh shoot I just got back from Nigeria, I wish I saw this post, it was my first time in a long time so I visited (social/retail spots first) The Palm shopping mall and another shopping mall in Ikeja. But Ive noted down L'escape and the spa that you mentioned a few posts back. So thanks Girlie...

  3. Those bags are gorge! Please how much do they go for?

    1. Right?? So beautiful and finished perfectly. They're N42,500, I think. Can't remember the exact price now. But I popped in yesterday and noticed they've got a smaller one. Didn't check the price though, but I'm sure it'll be slightly cheaper! Xx

  4. Pls I need a small space for my hair biz, don't knw if they give out consenssions. Pls reply tnx

  5. 42thousand 500hundred Naira for a bag is cheap? There is no way am going there! #OkBye

  6. Hahaha @ exact same thot!


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