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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Haul - MegaCare

This is a little something I'd like to add to the blog. I thought i should separate my 'Lagos Discoveries' from my 'Purchases'. I'll tell you all about my discoveries in one post and then show you stuff I get from them in another.But I will never show you stuff from a store I haven't blogged about yet? Got it? Ok

So here is my first ever solo HAUL post! *excited* I'd rather call it a mini-haul to be honest lol

This is the reason I went in search of Megacare in the first place. Well, not this particular brand but  Gilette Venus Divine Goddess Shaving Gel. I cannot seem to find this anywhere in Lagos and also could not seem to find a suitable replacement either. Until now!

I honestly do not know if this is for guys or ladies, it does have a faint 'zing-y' smell that men's shaving stuff usually have. It's not overpowering at all, and you only get a whiff of it suddenly... and then it's gone. lol. Or it might just be my paranoia.

Now THIS! This is what I was excited to get. My friend has got the most perfectly filled-in eyebrows and I asked her what she used randomly one day. She said 'Spiked' by MAC. I personally don't have to do much to my brows, except thread them. I have got the odd space here and there and I usually fill mine in with some eyeshadow using a slanted brush and set with brow gel.

I have seen quite a few reviews of this product in the beauty blogosphere and after seeing them in action on my friend. I thought.. why not! So far, no regrets! :). But I still prefer my method, or maybe I just need to get used to this.

So there's my first haul. Let me know if you guys would be interested in more posts like this. Also let me know if you ever visit Megacare and tell me what you got! Till next time


Ez xxX


  1. Might be moving back to Lagos soon after over a decade so can i just say i loveeee your blog! X

  2. Read about your blog on BlackBeautyFanatic and I'm now a huge fan!!! Blush and Barazahi should put you on their payroll for the shout outs :) I'm hoping they can sort out my natural hair, will be visiting each of them this weekend and the next. I haven't been to a salon since I went natural 3 yrs ago, but my hair is really long now and I want it straightened. Fingers crossed, I won't regret it :)

  3. Thanks a lot! :) Re payroll, some people think I work at these places lol! Let me know how you get on at the salons! Those are my top two in Lagos for now! :) x


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