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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hey Everyone

Hiii!!! So I'm gonna start off with the Standard 'new blogger' ramble! I've been trawling NUMEROUS beauty blogs for the past year and a bit. I am a total makeup and beauty junkie and thought i'd share what I know with you guys. I'm now going to let you in on the philosophy behind this blog....

I moved back from the UK  nearly 2years ago and was completely lost on where to go for my regular beauty-treats. E.g. threading the brows, waxing, indulging my make up addiction etc. But I slowly discovered new places and became a guinea I now (sort of) feel like I know where to go in Lagos in terms of all things, beauty, pamper and general girly stuff.

On this blog I'm now going to share my 'lagos-secrets' on EVERYTHING BEAUTY! There will be some extras, e.g. I want to start some cooking on saturdays with my girls and I'd like to share that with you all, where my girls and I hang out, where to eat, just ALL general girly stuff!

I am not done setting up my blog, in terms of the design and stuff, but I'm ITCHING to post so you'll notice A LOT of changes as I go along.

So here's to PRAYING I keep at this and ENJOY it as I go along! BIG LOVE

Ez xxX


  1. Ooo come on start posting!!! I think it already sounds good! xxxx

    1. Haha!!OMG!! Thanks sooo much, I hope I keep at it! Please let me know if you've got any tips or whatever, I'd love to know! Get well soon! xxxx

    2. Hmm ez, i'd advise that you don't restrict your blogging to lasgidi(lagos) only. Think big!! So share beauty tips for everyone... I do blog too but time is the prob!! Keep it up and i could be of help too with designs and etc

      twitter: Presidentsegun

      facebook: Presidentsegun

    3. Hey! Thanks for that, and I absolutely agree. But I live in Lagos, which makes it easier for me. I have plans to get contributors in other states, I'll start off with Abuja and go from there. I'd definitely give you a shout when I need help with designs and stuff. Thanks for your comment! :)


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